An Angel for Jessica Leigh

By Yvette Vargovich
This website is for my book called, “An Angel for Jessica Leigh”. The Angel’s name is Vigilance, or “Watchful”, for the Child in their care. I believe in Angels because they are talked about in the Bible. 

Joseph was spoken to about the Virgin Birth that the baby was to be named “Jesus”, as stated by an Angel. “While the doctrine of the Virgin Birth teaches that Jesus was born of a virgin mother and, thus, was without an earthly father, the Immaculate Conception refers to the earthly origin of Mary herself.” Deseret News on Facebook.   

The doctrine was first officially stated by Pope Pius IX on Dec. 8, 1854. “We declare, pronounce and define,”…”that the most blessed Virgin Mary, at the first instant of her conception, was preserved immaculate from all stain of original sin, but the singular grace and privilege of the Omnipotent God, in virtue of the merits of Jesus Christ, the savior of mankind, and that this doctrine was revealed by God and therefore must be believed firmly and constantly by all the faithful.” Genesis 3:15 and Luke 1:28, by Daniel Peterson, Columnist, Feb. 27, 2020

Angels are mentioned throughout the Bible. They are seen as beautiful with a Halo over their head filled with glory.  There are 7 Archangels: Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, Uriel, Selaphiel, Jegudiel, and Barachiel.  Cherubim and Seraphim: They “are the eyes of the Lord, which scan to and from throughout the whole earth.” Revelations 8:2 “And I saw the seven angels which stood before God; and to them were given seven trumpets. 3 And another angel came and stood at the altar, having a golden censer; and there was given unto him much incense, that he should offer it with the prayers of all saints upon the golden altar which was before the throne.” Revelations 16:1. The first angel went and poured out his bowl on the land, and ugly and painful sores broke out on the people who had the mark of the beast and worshiped his image. The second angel poured out his bowl on the sea, and it turned into blood like that of a dead man, and every living thing in the sea died.

You found my page! How wonderful! I made this book for everyone to read! Read a snippet to your child or let a youth read it cover to cover! This book is called “An Angel for Jessica Leigh”. Who would have thought of writing a book about an Angel?

This book is about how a child that grows up under the watchful eye of an Angel. The Angel’s name is Vigilance and God winks at her when being created to live on earth as a Guardian Angel. She does not just keep to herself. She interacts, talks with, and has fun with the many situations she finds herself in with this child.

This book came about during the times of COVID-19 and the isolation that comes with it. The thought of Angels came to my mind. And my love for the children in my home … my own daughters growing up brought tears to my eyes. This book brings with it an honoring of God, learning from miraculous happenings in one’s life, and the influence that Angels have upon every child. This book is for everyone from adults down to children. Everyone has been a child at one time, so Angels may or may not have been a part of that child’s life. But, Angels still have been there in prayer with a watchful eye and with vigilance that God created everyone, so everyone will be with a Guardian Angel to lead their spirits towards Heaven.

We all have dreams; dreams of getting married; having children; a good career; having a good life. The world has all sorts of children who have grown up rich or poor. But, Angels are for everyone, no matter what their status or income is. The idea of having a personal and attentive Angel at your side can comfort every one.

I wrote this book with many ideas on how an Angel could be seen and involved in Jessica’s life. An Angel is angelic and is filled with glory. They all have Halos and wear pristine white robes. They are good and do God’s work. Angels are special to me because they have insight and love for their child. Miraculous things can happen that would surely only come from Heaven!

There may have been something that happened in your life or to your family; death of a loved one; a fire that displaced your family or when a divorce brought confusion and unhappiness that made you feel that maybe there was a guardian Angel looking out for you. Growing up is hard to do with so many obstacles. Take time to read these vignettes and short stories. They are delightful and will give you courage and determination.

Enjoy the Music by Nancy Cree Keyboard Learning Centers.

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I am very family oriented, with a large extended family.  Both of my girls are adults now.  My current career is as an Occupational Therapist.  My drive to be...

My Videos

I have created short videos that will be viewed on Facebook and Instagram. These videos are of 4 of the vignetts and the 5th one is in Dahlonega where the main character meets the love of her life at The Picnic Cafe! Welcome to the short videos of some of the vignetts. This is an exciting book about the main character, Jessica Leigh, as she grows up and the involvement of her guardian angel in her life. The stories are told from the point of view of the Angel, Vigilance.

Angelic Music

Credits are given to Nancy Cree Keyboard Learning Centers for the music. She believes that integrating computer and music technology with traditional piano lessons is the best way to keep students in lessons as long as possible. Nancy has been teaching since 1974 and developing the integrated acoustic/electronic studio since 1986.

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