Postcards from Dahlonega, In downtown Dahlonega there is a square that has many stores. There is The General Store next to The Picnic Café, there is the Candy/Fudge store, the Embroidery and Gifts store, the Glass store, a variety of antique stores, clothing, knick-knacks, and The Picnic Café. Dahlonega is where The Gold Rush began in Georgia. There are many different events held throughout the year with a variety of booths to enjoy and browse. Dahlonega is just a quaint and adorable town nestled in the North Georgia Mountains. “An Angel for Jessica Leigh” includes The North Georgia University and Cadets who attend there. This is the university where the main character and an attractive gentleman meet. Read on to see what happens in this short vignettes and short story. Picnic Café pictures of the Hummingbird cake and The Café. The Picnic Café is a perfect place to eat lunch.

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